Patek Philippe Minute Repeater

Minute Repeaters have always given the best amongst the most precious and desirable, and elaborate of complications. There will be something special in each piece, not only limited to listening to the melodious sounds from miniature gongs, but also the sheer untouched fun in activating the mechanism.

With its charming case, the new Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Ref.7000 Ladies watch is a timepiece of great beauty. The rose-gold framed watch features screwed sapphire crystal, revealing the marvel of sonorous time. It is their first ladies wristwatch and consists of 342 parts enclosed within a 33.7mm rose gold, making it look like simple elegant piece. The rose gold is also used for the applied minute pearls, numerals, and hands and all are created from 18k rose gold.

The cream colored dial gives it a softer hue and second scale in the watch is surrounded by the mirror-polished bezel. Its technical specifications include Caliber R 27PS movement, 28mm diameter, 323parts, 39 jewels, and adjustable balance spring stud.

Every single Ref.7000 watch embarks on a month-long journey; a single master watchmaker is responsible for the completion, adjustment, and assembly of each piece and as everyone knows, the last step is the series of tests and finally it’ll be transported to the Thierry and Philippe office of President, who personally checks each minute repeater before it is handed over to its owner.

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